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News: By the effort of the Multisport Association of Russia National Korfball Federation has been established

Russian Korfball FederationAll the work concerning the establishing of Russian Korfball Federation was held by the Multisport Association of Russia (AMSR) (the Association of the sport federations recognized and seeking recognition of the IOC). The Association proved that it is entirely ready to fulfill the declared aims. Alexey Kylasov, secretary general of the AMSR has become the first vice-president of Russian Korfball Federation. The founders of the first korfball federation in Russia (Oryol Korball Federation), Mikhail Odereev and Nikolay Podrezov, have been appointed vice-presidents of the national federation.

Alexander Kuznetsov agreed to be acting president of the Federation. At present Alexander Kuznetsov is the first vice-president of AMSR and the head of Russian Tug of War Federation. Kuznetsov says that the decision has been predetermined by the following:

President of RKF Alexander Kuznetsov‘The aim AMSR is to develop sports that are recognized by the IOC and included into the program of the World Games. The success of Russia in the two World Games in Akito-2001 (Japan) and Duisburg-2005 (Germany) is to be developed. In Japan Russia participated in 10 disciplines out of 32 and won in the unofficial team account. In Germany Russian teams took part in 17 disciplines out of 39 and Russia was also the first. Now, considering expansive sport development in China where the next World Games will be held we should have our teams participating in 24 disciplines. Only this is the way to success. I will encourage showing up the leader in this sport and later he will become the head of Russian Korfball Federation. And now we strive for speeding up the process of establishing national federations of the sports which are already developing in Russia. The appearance of the national teams of these sports is welcomed because the preparations for the eighth World Games Kaoshing-2009 are reflected in the agreement between Rossport and Ministry for Sport of China.’

The secretary general of AMSR, Alexey Kylasov, also noticed that the Russian Sambo Federation helped in establishing the regional organizations:

‘Leaders of the Sambo Federation conducted the propaganda campaign and helped to find people who are interested in developing korfball in Russia.’

Till recently korfball has been almost unknown in Russia. And meanwhile, the incumbent president of the IOC Jacques Rogge, elected at the session in Russian capital Moscow, was a World Champion in korfball. Earlier Jacques Rogge was the vice-president of the General Association of International Sport Federations (GAISF) he was responsible for the development of sports which were not included in the Olympic Games program.

Another prominent figure of the world sport community is the president of he Association of the sports recognized by the IOC (ARISF), Doctor Jan Fransoo who is in the head of International Korfball Federation (IKF). It was Jan Fransoo who initiated establishing of associations uniting national federations of sports recognized or seeking recognition by IOC. Such associations along with associations of summer and winter Olympic sports have been established in 184 countries of the world including Russia.

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