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TAFISAISCA - International Sport and Culture Association

Meeting of the Federation Council Chairman Sergei Mironov with the representatives of the Multisport Association of Russia

The aspiration to perfection

The aspiration of any kind of sports - to become "Olympic", that is to enter into the program of Olympic Games - the main starts of the present.

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Alexander KuznetsovPresident –

Alexander Kuznetsov,
President of Korfball Federation of Russia,
President of Russian Tug of War Federation

Sergey EliseevFirst Vice-President –

Sergey Eliseev,
President of Russian Sambo Federation,
President of European Sambo Federation
Vice-President of International Sambo Federation (FIAS)

Anna ArzhanovaVice-President –

Anna Arzhanova,
President of Russian Underwater Federation
Vice-President of International Underwater Federation (CMAS)

Alexander RatnerVice-President –

Alexander Ratner,
President of Russian Baseball Federation
IOC Press-Commission member,
Deputy Secretary General of Russian Olympic Committee

Boris SkrynnikVice-President –

Boris Skrynnik,
President of Russian Bandy Federation,
President of Federation of International Bandy (FIB),
Vice-president of Moscow City Sport Society Dinamo

Vladimir NikiforovVice-President –

Vladimir Nikiforov,
First Vice-President of Russian Billiard Sport Federation,
Vice president of International Committee of Pyramid (ICP)

Alexey KylasovSecretary General and
Chairman of Traditional Games and Sports Committee –

Alexey Kylasov,
First Vice-President of Russian Korfball Federation,
EXCO member of Russian Billiard Sport Federation,
Chairman of the Olympic Task Force Committee of the Federation of International Bandy (FIB),
Adviser of President of International Mind Sport Association (IMSA)

Oleg SavchenkoChairman of Extreem Sports Committee –

Oleg Savchenko,
President of Russian Skateboarding and Extreem Sports Federation,
Deputy of State Duma (Parlament) of Russian Federation

Andrey MitkovChairman of Sports Information Committee –

Andrey Mitkov,
CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Sport News Agency "Allsport"

Gleb MuzrukovChairman of Sports Martial Arts Committee –

Gleb Muzrukov,
President of Russian Wushu Federation,
Executive Secretary of Russian Union of Martial Arts,
Deputy Chairman of Technical Committee of International Wushu Federation (IWUF)

Maxim PotashevChairman of Mind Sports Committee –

Maxim Potashev,
Master of TV Mind Game "What?" Where? "When?"

Vladimir IvanovChairman of Technical Sports Committee –

Vladimir Ivanov,
President of Russian Air Sports Federation,
Vice-President of International Air Sports Federation (FAI)

Oleg GadiuchkinChairman of School Sports Committee –

Oleg Gadiuchkin,
Executive Director of School Sports Federation of Russia,
Executive Director of Society Sport Russia

Sergey PonomarevChairman of Student Sports Committee –

Sergey Ponomarev,
EXCO member of Russian Student Sports Union,
Director of Sports Center of Moscow State Institute (University) of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affair of Russia


Maria NikityukAuditor –

Maria Nikityuk,
Executive Director of Russian Bridge Federation


Jury RodionovPresident –

Jury Rodionov,

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