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The aspiration of any kind of sports - to become "Olympic", that is to enter into the program of Olympic Games - the main starts of the present.

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The Association of Recognized IOC International Sport Federations (ARISF) is an organization recognized by IOC. Together with the Associations of Summer (ASOIF) and Winter (AIOWF) Olympic sports federations and the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) ARISF is the International Olympic Committee (IOC) partner. Lobbying inclusion of IOC recognized sports in the Olympic Games program has been ARISF main purpose since the moment of its foundation.

One of the main IOC criteria of sports inclusion in the Olympic program is the availability of national federations broad network and recognition by national Olympic committees (NOC). The MAR has become ARISF partner on a national level for solving these and other tasks.

Assistance to development of the whole range of non-Olympic sports has become one of the key points for the MAR in the process of constant interaction with the ARISF. Thus, due to MAR activity a number of national federations were established, including federations of IOC recognized sports, among them: korfball, tug-of-war and boulsport (petanque). Such activity was initially stated in the cooperation with the ARISF.



Trim and Fitness International Sport for All Association (TAFISA) is an IOC recognized organization. As a result of the cooperation between the TAFISA and the IOC the permanent workgroup Sport for All. TAFISA is the member of the UNESCO Permanent Consultative Council for physical culture and sport (CIGERPS). The main aim of the TAFISA is considered to be assistance to Sport for All movement, especially as far as physical activity encouragement and traditional games and national sports preservation are concerned. Every four years TAFISA holds World Games Sport for All under UNESCO and IOC support.

Since 2007 the MAR has been the TAFISA member and it works a lot at development and propaganda of the whole range of national sports. The MAR for the first time provided Sambo, Kettlebell lifting and Northern polyathlon events participation in the program of the 4th World Games Sport for All under IOC and UNESCO support in Busan (South Korea) from September, 26 to October, 2 2008. Besides, sportsmen took part in the competitions of Belt wrestling, Gate ball, Muaythai and Dance sport (tango).



International Mind Sport Association (IMSA) was founded under the aegis of the GAISF and it unites international federations of chess (FIDE), bridge (WBF), draughts (FMJD) and GO (IGF). IMSA main aim is to hold World Mind Sports Games and to further gain the Olympic status for these games like it happened to the Paralympics and Deaflympics.

The first World Mind Games were held in Beijing on October, 3-18 after the Olympics and the Paralympics. The competitions were supported by the General Association of International Sport Federations (GAISF) and the International Olympic Committee. By the MAR efforts Russian draughts were included in the World Mind Sports Games programs. The MAR presented Russian national team which was the second in the non-official team rating.

According to the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the IMSA and the MAR, the latter acts as IMSA plenipotentiary representative and presents Russia at the World Mind Sports Games. Besides, the MAR gained the right to hold complex mind sport events under the IMSA aegis. One of such events was the first International Mind Sports Games IMSA Cup, which took place in April 2008 in Perm and appeared World Mind Games rehearsal.


The MAR members consider the basic value of the Olympic movement and cooperate with:
- Russian Olympic Committee
- Court of Sport for Arbitration
- WADA accredited Antidoping center of the Ministry for sport, tourism and youth policy
- Russian Fair Play Committee

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