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Meeting of the Federation Council Chairman Sergei Mironov with the representatives of the Multisport Association of Russia

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The aspiration of any kind of sports - to become "Olympic", that is to enter into the program of Olympic Games - the main starts of the present.

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About Association: Foundation

The Multisport Association of Russia was established on November, 15 in 2005 in Moscow. Its organizational structure is a union of all-Russian public organizations. The founders of the Multisport Association of Russia were the 11 federations:

1) All-Russia Public Organization Russian Tug of War Federation
2) All-Russia Public Organization Association of Sleddog sports
3) All-Russia Public Organization Powerboating Federation of Russia
4) All-Russia Public Organization Russian Federation of Floorball
5) All-Russia Public Organization Russian Association of Armwrestling
6) All-Russia Public Organization Russian Underwater Federation
7) All-Russia Public Organization Russian Federation of Gorodki Sport
8) All-Russia Public Organization Russian Federation of Sambo
9) All-Russia Public Organization Russian League of Sport Bridge
10) All-Russia Public Organization Russian Go (Baduk) Federation
11) All-Russia Public Organization Russian Federation of sport acrobatic

Vladimir Katrenko, a vice-speaker of State Duma of Federal Assembly of Russian Federation, and Yury Avdeev, a vice-chairman of the Federal Physical Culture and Sport Agency, representatives of the Russian Olympic Committee and journalists were present at the constituent conference. The MAR initiators were elected to the first administrative and control authorities:
Yury Nilolaevich Rodionov,
The MAR President, colonel-general, the State Duma deputy, Russian Federation of Gorodki Sport President

Alexander Alexandrovich Kuznetsov, MAR first vice-president, Russian Tug of War Federation President

Anna Viktorovna Arzhanova, MAR vice-president, World Underwater Federation (CMAS) president, Russia Underwater Federation president

Sergey Vladimirovich Eliseev, MAR vice-president, the International Federation of Amateur Sambo (FIAS) vice-president, Russian Federation of Sambo president

Alexey Valeryevich Kylasov, secretary general, editor-in-chief of Sportcom informational agency, Russian Federation of sport acrobatics representative

Victoria Victorovna Volina, auditor, Russian League of Sport Bridge President

The title of the Multisport Association was worked out during the negotiations with the representatives of the IOC, ARISF, and IWGA. The basic idea was to consider the striving of any sport for becoming Olympic, which means including as many sports in the program of the Olympic Games as possible. Thus, the usage of the potential negation in the title of non-Olympic sport appeared incorrect to the sport recognized and seeking recognition of the IOC.

Non-Olympic sports are included in the program of a number of multisport competitions, in particular World Games (IWGA), World Student Games (FISU), World Games Sport for All (TAFISA) and others. These events are recognize by the IOC and are identified in the Olympic movement as multisport. This notion was taken as the basis when naming the organization.

By 2008 41 federations have gained MAR membership among which there are IOC recognized and other sports.

ARISF - Association of Recognized IOC International Sports Federations IWGA - International World Games Association IMSA - International Mind Sports Association Ministry of sports, turism and youth politics All-Russia Public Organization Sport Russia Office comfort group

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Multisport Association of Russia, 2006.

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