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News: The Multisport Association of Russia took part in the organization of the tournament Wrestler Challenges

Oleg Baroev and Alan Bibilov  winners of the tournament Wrestler ChallengesThe Multisport Association of Russia (MAR) took part in the organization of the tournament Wrestler Challenges. Oh behalf of MAR name the winner was given a Cup. The special prized instituted by Sportcom went to the bronze medalist of the tournament Alan Bibilov who had amazed the audience by his masterly technique in the combat with the heaviest athlete (192 kilo) Vladimir Antonov. The initiator of the tournament was Honored Sports Master, three times Sambo World Champion and the best sumotori of Europe of 2002-2004 Igor Kurinnoy.

In Moscow in the circus Kobzov Spring Professional Sumo Tournament of the series Wrestler challenges was held. At the dohyo there were Russian and European sumo Stars. The winner of the tournament was Oleg Baroev (North Ossetia - Alania), Artur Bagaev fron samara took the second prize and Alan Bibilov representing Ossetia was the third. Among the participants of the tournament there also was the Hercules from Kolomna (Russia) Vladimir Antonov, the Champion of Ukraine, silver medalist of European Championship and bronze medalist of the World Championship Konstantin Strizhak. Unfortunately, they did not manage to participate in the final combats though they reached the final stage of the competition.

Together with the leaders of European sport elite young wrestlers also took part in the tournament. Their victories are still ahead of them. The youngest participant Vladimir Petrov from Wrestler sport school appeared to be a real discovery of the tournament. Vladimir Petrov is 16 year old and weighs 152 kilo with the height of 198 cm. The audience gave him storm of applause several times. As usual bright wrestling and insuperable desire for the victory were demonstrated by young Pavel Babyuk, last year winner of European Junior Cup. Still it is tough for him to beat the experienced sumotori but it is apparent that year by year he will become a more serious opponent for them.

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