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News: The Multisport Association of Russia awarded film “Able Man” (Slovenia) a special prize

sport film festival “Krasnogorsky”The Multisport Association of Russia awarded a special prize at the sport film festival “Krasnogorsky” to the film “Able Man” (Slovenia, the director - Tomaz Kovska, the producer – Jaka Hemler). The film is a story about Jure Robic, one of the best cyclist in the world at Marathon distances, the winner of “Race Across America” – 2004, 2005, and “Le Tour Direct” 2005.

Alexey Kylasov hands over a prizeOne of the main problems of cyclists at ultra marathon distances is the loss of sleep, as a result of which they suffer from hallucinations. It also causes difficulties in communication with a team. Medical experts say that what is going on in human brain in such moments is the verge of stamina. Jure Robic expresses his point of view, shares his experience.

In the “Blue Hall” of Crocus-Expo the awarding ceremony of the sport film festival “Krasnogorsky” took place. The documentary “The Crawl” (Finland) was awarded the Grand Prix. The winner in the nomination “The Best Motion Picture” was the film “Skyball Game with Betty Lou” (Italy). The winners in the other nominations are as follows: “The Best Documentary” – “Big Time Sport. The Victory Price” (Russia), “The Best Sport TV Program” – “The National Team of Russia” (Russia). The special prize of the jury was given to the film “Garpastum” (Russia). The winners were honored with the original prizes of the festival and financial bonuses.

sculptures from stadiums, which were so familiar to Soviet peoplIn the period from 4 to 10 June the jury members watched 92 films about 32 sports from 18 countries. The head of the international jury of the festival is Evgeny Gerasimov, acting as Russian the Union of Cinema Makers chairman. The jury members are Tom Collinson (Great Britain), Frank Wizard (the USA), Paolo de Ascentis (Italy) and Roman Karmen (Russia). According to the agreement with TV Channels “Sport” and “TV7” the best movies of the festival will be shown on TV during the year (almost weekly).

Yana Churikova and Dmitry CharatianThe laureates of the festival were greeted by co-presidents of the festival, the Head of the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography Mikhail Shvydkoy and the Head of the Federal Agency for Physical Culture and Sport Vyacheslav Fetisov. The hosts of the ceremony were famous film actor Dmitry Charatian and TV-presenter of the First Channel Yana Churikova. Well-known sportsmen, musicians and actors presented the awards to the laureates.

Vyacheslav FetisovIn the foyer the group of people dressed in costumes of the thirties of the last century welcomed the guests to the accompaniment of a musical group. At the stage there stood sculptures from stadiums, which were so familiar to Soviet people: a drummer, a hammerer, a girl with a paddle, a young man with a ball and a tennis-player. When the hosts addressed the audience as “Comrades!” the conception of the decorations became clear: the sport film festival had celebrated its 75th anniversary.

Mikhail Shvydkoy The sculpture revived during the demonstration of chronicles of Soviet and Russian sport achievements to the Honored or maybe even People’s Artist, Viktor Zinchuk’s live performance of one of his songs.

Dmitry Gubernyev, Yuliana Shahova, Alexander ZhurbinThen the co-presidents noticed that the most important thing according to the regulation was...
Vyacheslav Fetisov,’…creating images of hero for sport propaganda.’ Mikhail Shvydkoy, ’…the sport dramatic art for encouragement the spirit of high achievement aesthetics.’

Alexander ZhurbinIn the contest “Best Sport TV Program” the program of “Sport” Channel “Russian National Team” was admitted the winner among the other nominees: “Bundesliga. Ball in the Middle of the Field” (Germany – Die Deutsche Welle), “Overtime” (Russia – “Sport”). Yuliana Shahova, a TV-presenter, and Alexander Zhurbin, a composer, presented the award to the winner.

At that moment the secret of a white piano standing in front of the stage was revealed. Alexander Zhurbin performed a potpourri of his songs.

Irina Rodnina, Svetlana Kolosova, Mikhail Mamiashvili “Big Time Sport. The Victory Price” (Russia, “Top Secret”) became the best documentary film. The nominees also were “11th Round” (Italy, ‘Bedescifilm’), “The Boxer of the Old World” (Russia, “Dialogue”) and “Hot Ice of Irina Slutskaya” (Russia, “Adamovo Yabloko”). The latter won the award in another nomination. Three times Olympic champion in figure skating Irina Rodnina and Olympic champion, the Sport Wrestling Federation president Mikhail Mamiashvili presented the prize to the “Best Documentary” authors – First Channel documentaries department Head – Svetlana Kolosova.

Svetlana Druzhinina and Evgeny Gerasimov “The Best Motion Picture” - “Skyball Game with Betty Lou” (Italy) gained the right to be called such in the company of the following nominees: “The Longest Distance” (the USA), “Garpastum” (Russia). On behalf of the authors of the film the director of the Italian Culture Institute in Russia Alberto De Mauro received the prize. In his speech he compared the festival to a weeding, and the films on the program list to children. Yana Churikova was the first to guess what Alberto De Mauro was talking about, ‘Something about a wedding’, said she. Apparently she recognized the Italian word “matrimoniale”. After the translation of the speech it became clear that she was not mistaken.

Stas Tomsky The Festival Jury and Russian Union of cinema makers chairman Evgeny Gerasimov and famous film director Svetlana Druzhinina presented the “Grand Prix”. It went to the film “The Crawl” (Finland) by P.Lehtinen. Unfortunately the authors of the film could not come to the festival.

The producer of the festival Stas Tomsky promised to give the award to the authors personally. Then, according to the idea of the organizers, Dmiry Charatian “took the word” from Svetlana Druzhinina sang the song from their common film accompanying it with the comment that there were still a lot of special prizes.

Sergey Dolbilov, Larissa Latynina, Boris RasskazovFor the first time together with The Rambler-vision the internet users prize was instituted. Following the interactive voting the film “Hot Ice of Irina Slutskaya” (Russia, “Adamovo Yabloko”) got the first place. The authors received the prize from Rambler special project manager Daria Mityaeva. The organizers decided that the prize-winner in that particular nomination would represent Russia at the international Sports Film Festival in Milan. Last year in Milan “Krasnogorky” festival was awarded a special prize- The Silver Medal of the Head of the Minister Council of Italy Silvio Berlusconi.

The film “The City of Angels” (Ukraine) by Sergey Dolbilov got the Festival Special Prize. It should be mentioned that the author and director of the film Sergey Dolbilov received awards of different worth at the three previous festivals. The prize was presented by Olympic Champion Larissa Latynina and the Head of Krasnogorsky District Boris Rasskazov.

Daria Chervonenko and Galina GorohovaThe Fencers – Daria Chervonenko, the press secretary of the Russian Olympic Committee and three times Olympic champion, the Chairman of Russian Union of Sportsmen Galina Gorohova presented the Olympic Committee Prize “For Contribution to the Olympic Movement” to Vladimir Konovalov, Russian film director.

Anatoly Balchev, Alexey Kylasov, Yana Churikova, Dmitry CharatianThe chairman of First Channel documentaries department Svetlana Kolosova awarded director German Klimov (the brother of Elam Klimov “Sportcom”) the prize of First channel “For Loyalty to Sport in Cinema”.

The Informational Agency “Sportcom” gave a special prize to “Ivan Yarygin. Reminiscences” (director Anatoly Balchev, producer Mikhail Mamiashvili. The film is a story of the great Russian wrestler, many times World Champion, three time Olympic Champion in free-style wrestling Ivan Yarygin.

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