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News: Vice-president GAISF Tamas Ajan has especially noted value of support of new kinds of sports by the well-known Russian figures

Tamás AJÁNVice-president GAISF Tamas Ajan has especially noted value of support of new kinds of sports by the well-known Russian figures of sports in the salutatory letter to address of Multisport Association of Russia and organizers of project Russian Games Open:

Organized by Multisport Association of Russia
Extreme Sport Association of Russia
All-Russia Public Organization „Sport Russia”
Under the auspices of the Federal Agency for physical culture and sport, the Government of Moscow

The organization of the Russian Games Open by the multi-sport of Association of Russia is a very interesting and new initiative. At the beginning of the 21st century more and more attention is drawn towards the extreme sports, which sports are demanding entry to the Olympic recognition. These sports claim for themselves the participation at continental and regional games, and in the different TV-broadcasted programs. The General Association of International Sport Federations is gathering together 101 International Federations under its umbrella, and here as well more and more Ifs of extreme sports candidate for GAISF membership.

I am convinced that the extreme sports are spreading very quickly over the world in the next decades and such an important country as Russia supports this, by organizing the Extreme Sports Games. Russian people are liking and understanding the sport, and in case the sports - being in the program of the Games – will be more popular, it will affect the development of the extreme sports in the whole world.

As Vice-President of the GAISF, IOC Member, and President of the International Federation of a very traditional sport: the weightlifting I wish you every success to the organization of the Games, and all the best results to every participant.

The future support is guaranteed by the fact that such VIP patrons are in favour of these Games as
Two times Olympic champion, Minister of Sport: Vyacheslav Fetisov,
President of Russian Olympic Committee: Leonid Tyagachev,
Three times Olympic champion: Irina Rodnina, and my
IOC Member colleague: Shamil Tarpishev

I forward my best wishes and greetings to all participants and to the Organizing Committee.
Every success to the competitions!

Budapest, 7th August 2006
Dr. Tamás AJÁN

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