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Meeting of the Federation Council Chairman Sergei Mironov with the representatives of the Multisport Association of Russia

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The aspiration of any kind of sports - to become "Olympic", that is to enter into the program of Olympic Games - the main starts of the present.

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News: Vyacheslav Fetisov: Extreme sport is real sport

Vyacheslav FetisovVyacheslav Fetisov, the head of the Federal Agency for Physical Culture and Sport, the head of Adrenalin Games Organizing Committee, resumed:

‘Adrenalin Games have shown that extreme sport is real sport. And it requires serious attitude. It is extreme that attracts a great part of the youth. For many young people it is more interesting and challenging than traditional sports. Developing Russian extreme sport has already become our aim. After the apparent success of Adrenalin Games this process will be rapidly speeding up.’

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