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News: Jacque Rogge has declared, that bandy has is all chances to enter into the Olympic program

Vitaly Smirnov and Jacque Rogge observe of a matchOn October, 9th to Moscow there has arrived the President of the International Olympic committee Jacque Rogge. Under the invitation of the president of the International federation of bandy (FIB) Boris Skrynnik and club "Dynamo-Moscow" it has visited the Ice sport center "Krylatskoe" where has looked a companionable match bandy between Russian National Team and "Dynamo".

Upon Jacque Rogge has made impression that fact, that at bandy players ammunition there are less contains much less protective components, than at players in ice hockey. It also answers basic ideals OG - to humanism and sports spirit. After the meeting Jacque Rogge has shared his impression:

- Today I saw bandy for the first time in my life, but should tell, that game has made upon me a very big impression. Boris Skrynnik, Jacque Rogge, Leonid TyagatchevIt is very entertainment game; it has a lot of positive qualities: it is very fast, it is easy for understanding, in it there are a lot of dynamics and no roughness. Therefore I am glad, that two years ago the International Olympic Committee has recognized this kind of sport at session in Athens.

Jacque Rogge, Boris Skrynnik and other in an environment of bandFor memory Jacque Rogge was photographed with "Dynamo-Moscow" players, and after viewing an indicative match of this team, the program of stay of president has continued. Jacque Rogge has visited a palace of sports (that is now under construction on Hodynskoe Pole) in which in following year will pass matches of the ice hockey world championship. After that he has visited the Kremlin Cup competitions in sport center "Olympic".

And in the evening Jacque Rogge has met the president of the Russian Federation. Vladimir Putin and Jacque Rogge have discussed a role of Russia in Olympic movement, and also prospects of Sochi as capital of Winter Olympic Games of 2014.

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