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Meeting of the Federation Council Chairman Sergei Mironov with the representatives of the Multisport Association of Russia

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News: The President of ARISF Jan Fransoo has arrived at Moscow with official visit

Conference The President of Association of Recognized IOC International Sports Federation (ARISF) to Jan Fransoo (Netherlands) has arrived to Moscow under the invitation of Multisport Association of Russia (MAR). The meeting took place in a hall of Rossport with participation of Rossport representatives and the representatives of sports federations who have been not included in the program of Olympic Games.

During the meeting questions of complex interaction concerning development of recognized by IOC sports in Russia, a recognition and cooperation of the Russian sports federations with Rossport, Russian Olympic Committee and the international sports organizations were discussed. In the meeting the head of Rossport department of physical training Stanislav Birjukov; the deputy director of the Center of sports preparation of combined teams of Russia, two times Olympic champion, the head of working group by extreme sports of Council at the President of the Russian Federation on physical training and sports Maria Kiselyova and members of the same working group - Alexey Kylasov, secretary general of Multisport Association of Russia, and Anna Arzhanova - vice-president of MAR, vice-president of CMAS and the president of the Russian Underwater Federation - have taken a part.

Participants of meetingPresident of ARISF Jan Fransoo has lead presentation of the international association which it heads, and has designated its role and a place in Olympic movement. Special attention Jan Fransoo has turned to that the main organization in the world on development of sports was and is still stays an International Olympic Committee and has named recognized IOC sports - Next Olympic generation. After recognition of IOC, sports can be included in the program of Olympic Games.

Further productive discussion of president ARISF with the president of the European and Russia Federations of sambo-wrestling Sergey Yeliseyev about criteria of recognition IOC of sports took place. "In the near future, - has declared Jan Fransoo, - requirements for recognition GAISF and IOC will become identical, and it will allow to lift on a better level membership in GAISF where less strict methods of an estimation of development of sports are used". The theme was continued by vice-president of Council on climbing UIAA, the president of Climbing Federation of Russia Alexander Piratinski. Disproportionate development of mountaineering and climbing has led to that on General assembly UIAA in Canada during the last week the decision on creation of the International Federation of Climbing was accepted and now there is a question on preservation of the status of recognition IOC.

Secretary General of MAR Alexey Kylasov has suggested to discuss an opportunity of inclusion in the Uniform planned schedule of Russia and international sports actions of Rossport "Russian Games Open: Next Olympic Generation" on recognized by IOC sport. Competitions on 29 sport from which in Russia 26 are developed (by three sports demonstration performances of athletes of the international federations will be held). For promotion of national sports - struggle of sambo-wrestling will be included in the program of Games as the candidate on recognition IOC.

These are unique Games of recognized by IOC sports, that don’t have analogues in the world which will allow estimating development of these kinds of sports in Russia and in the world. Games will promote formation leading positions of Russia and adjustment of the international communications. The concept of games assumes match meetings in individual and game sports of the strongest Russian sportsmen with the best foreign sportsmen and commands of a world rating. Carrying out of the given action will serve as powerful stimulus for development and the propagation of recognized by IOC sport in Russia among youth, by means of demonstration of sport which are new in Russia, but are developed all over the world and are candidates on inclusion in the program of Olympic Games. After end of a meeting Jan Fransoo has declared:

- I am pleasantly surprised, that Russia understands me in literal sense, and here everyone speak English. It strongly changes perception of Russia which is one of the most developed countries in sports. And that now you have broken a language barrier - will promote substantially to expansion of your representation in the international sports organizations. And changes in structure of a management of sports of Russia deduce on qualitatively higher level of an opportunity in promotion of your national sport. I am impressed by presentations of bandy and sambo-wrestling to President IOC Jacque Rogge, and also the confident protection of interests FIAS (sambo-wrestling) in opposition with FILA on the International Convention "Sportaccord" in Seoul (South Korea). I think, you will succeed, because besides development of sport the dialogue with the world community is very important.

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