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Meeting of the Federation Council Chairman Sergei Mironov with the representatives of the Multisport Association of Russia

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News: At the World Games -2009 in the national Russian team there will be Petanque players

nullOn June, 1 2007 in Luzhniki (Moscow) there took place an official meeting of the President of the International Petanque Federation Claude Azema and Secretary General of the Multisport Association of Russia Alexey Kylasov.

The parts discussed the prospects of petanque development in Russia and preliminary results of selection for the World Games Kaohsiung – 2009 (Taiwan). Claude Azema expressed his gratitude to the Multisport Association of Russia for cooperation in establishing Russian National Petanque Federation.
After the meeting Alexey Kylasov and Claude Azema declared to “Sportcom” Informational Agency:

Alexey Kylasov said,
‘It is important that due to the efforts of the President of the Russian Petanque and Bowlsport Federation Eugene Osokin our team coaches are from France, native country of the sport. Claude Azema, Eugene Osokin, Alexey KylasovAnd I have no doubt that at the next World Games Russian team will be presented by petanque players as well. We also hope that their performance will be good because the Russian won the previous Games in Akito (Japan) in 2001and in Duisburg (Germany) in 2005.

Claude Azema:
It is my second visit to Russia. My first visit was in 2003 when petanque was just beginning to develop. Then I conducted several seminars and later sent French instructors to Russia so that they could help to develop petanque. I have held a seminar for the representatives of Russian Petanque Federation in Luzhniki where the basis of Russian petanque national team is situated. Seminar of Claude AzemaPresident of the Ukrainian Petanque Federation Yuri Markovsky and the Head of the Belorussian Federation Peter Hois also arrived in Moscow to participate in the seminar.’


In 1985 Claude Azema was elected to the FFPJP Council. Later, from 1989 to 1993 he was the Secretary General and in 1997 he was elected President of the FFPJP. In 2001 and 2005 he was reelected for this position.

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