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News: Extreme Sport was discussed at the Workshop of the Council of Russian Federation President

nullOn June, 21 2007 at the Russian State University of Physical Culture (RSUPC) there took place a session of the workshop of the Russian Federation President Council for Physical Culture and Sport. The session was dedicated to support and development of extreme sport. The meeting was presiding by the two-time Olympic champion in synchronized swimming Maria Kisseleva.

The RSUPC Head, Alexander Bleyer made a report at the session. He spoke about the difficulty of extreme sport classification. Besides, he reported on the fact that at the expert council this problem had been dealt with and a number of discrepancies were found out because some kinds of extreme sport were beyond the common notion of sport. Mr. Bleyer also introduced the idea to involve the State Duma and legislative bodies of the regions in tackling the problem, in particular, in constructing special grounds for rollers and skate-boarders in yards so that they were not dangerous for themselves and participants of the traffic in big cities.

Assistant of the Head of the Department of Sport in the Federal Agency for Sport and Physical Culture, Arutyun Avetesyan suggested that the workshop should be renamed from extreme sport workshop to extreme activities workshop.

Alexey KylasovSecretary General of the Multisport Association of Russia Alexey Kylasov commented upon the results of the session to Sportcom Information Agency:

Taking into consideration the fact that extreme sports unite mainly young people who are rather skeptical about establishing federations of the sports I suggest that we should use international experience. For example, Hein Verbruggen, the GAISF President and former leader of the International Cycling Union joined to this federation mountain bike and BMX racing and made these disciplines Olympic. And now he expresses the initiative to join skateboarding to cycling and introduce it to the Olympic program. According to the same pattern rowing slalom, an extreme sport, was made a part of the ICF. At present the ICF tries to cooperate with rafting, a kind of extreme canoeing. A similar process is taking place in the FAI which unites air sports with extreme ones. As far as parkour (jumping with city barriers, including buildings) is concerned, it is used as a kind of break dance. It is a sort of a gathering at which people at first dance and then competes in surmounting barriers. At this, break dance cooperates with the International Federation of Dancing Sport. Thus, I propose to invite presidents of the mentioned federations and ask them to register extreme disciplines. Undoubtedly, it would simplify cooperation between Rossport and extreme sportsmen.

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