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News: Mind Sport Forum was held

Damiani, Ilyumzhinov, Ptitsyn, GavrilovOn October, 23 2007 in Moscow Mind Sport Forum was held with the support of the International Mind Sport Association (IMSA). The Forum was organized by the Multisport Association of Russia and international and national federations.

The organizer of the Mind Sport Forum the Multisport Association of Russia unites the national federations of chess, draughts, go, bridge. The Forum was held with the support of the International Mind Sport Association (IMSA) which joins the international federations of chess, draughts, go, bridge in the GAISF.

Among the participants of the Forum there were heads of the international and national mind sport federations, representatives of the Rossport, Moscow Department for Physical Culture and Sport and mass media.

Igor Glek, Berik Balgabaev, Irina RodninaSergey Korol, the Federal Agency for Physical Culture and Sport, and Leonid Tyagachev, the Russian Olympic Committee, sent their greetings to the participants of the Forum. The head of the All-Russian Volunteer Community Sport Russia, the three-time Olympic champion Irina Rodnina personally visited the Forum due to her strong interest in mind sport. Sport Russia is an organizer of childrens chess contest White Castle.

In his greeting speech the head of the Forum the IMSA president Jose Damiani (France) noticed that Russia was not only a the leader in the mind sports but also went in the avant-garde of the organizing movement because the real union of chess, bridge, draughts and go did take place only in Russia.

The Forum participants supported the initiative of the Multisport Association of Russia to hold the Mind Games Moscow Open on February, 2-19 2008 as an official IMSA event on the eve of the World Mind Sports Games in Beijing on October, 3-18 2008.

According to Jose Damiani holding the World Mind Sports Games will give the IMSA the opportunity to claim a special Olympic status of these games as, for example, the one of the Paralympic Games have. Jose Damiani also declared that there are certain agreements according to which the International Olympic Committee would include not a single discipline but general mind games in the Olympic program.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the FIDE President declared about the wrong usage of the mind sport as an ideal image by other sports. He set an example that football players say, We play with feet but win with head; basketball players repeat, We play with hands but win with head. Mr. Ilyumzhinov thinks that curling has overdone all other sports in this sphere. The whole campaign of including this sport in the Olympic program was held with the slogan Curling is chess on ice. And at this chess still remain at the periphery of the IOC heads attention.

Damianis special optimism is explained by the fact that two of the four president of the international federations which the membership in the IMSA are Russians Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, chess (FIDE) and Vladimir Pltitsyn, draughts (FMJD). Damiani congratulated them on Russias victory in the contest for the right to host the Winter Olympiad Sochi-2014 and he supposed that together with mind sport victories Russian could count that the IOC would give the mind games a special Olympic status. Damiani sincerely counts on the Russian habit to win.

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