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News: The Head of the Mind Sport Committee of the Multisport Association of Russia Valery Zakoptelov has been elected the IMSA vice-pr

Valery ZakoptelovOn December, 19 2007 in Beijing (China) there took place the Assembly of the International Mind Sport Association (IMSA) where Russian businessman, the president of the Russian Bridge Federation Mr. Valery Zakoptelov was elected the IMSA vice-president.

Valery Zakoptelov is a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the general director of the Russian Soda Company. Last year Valery Zakoptelov was elected the president of the Russian Bridge Federation and later became the head of the mind sport committee of the Multisport Association of Russia uniting the national chess, draughts, bridge and go federations.

The IMSA Assemble was held on Saturday in Plaza Crown Hotel in the Olympic Village and it was dedicated to the organization and holding the First World Mind Games which will take place in Beijing on October, 3-18 2008. On the next day there took place the session of the organizing committee of the first World Mind Games.

The following officials participated in the IMSA Assembly: the IMSA and WBF president Jose Damiani (France), the IGF vice-president Yuki Shigeno (Japan), the FIDE executive director David Jarrett (Great Britain), the executive director of the FMJD Asian Draughts Confederation Chimeddorj Bat-Erdene (Mongolia), the president of the Italian Bridge Federation FIGB Gianarrigo Rona (Italia).

On Russian part there were the IMSA vice-president, the president of the Russian Bridge Federation Valery Zakoptelov and the secretary general of the Multisport Association of Russia Alexey Kylasov; they arranged the presentation of the development of national mind sport development and cooperation network.

Valery Zakoptelov and Jose DamianiThe President of the International Mind Sport Association (IMSA) Jose Damiani commented upon the fact that the Russian businessman, the Russian Sport Bridge Federation President Valery Zakoptelov had been appointed the IMSA vice-president,

‘We have special optimism because two out of the four presidents of the international federations which are the IMSA members are Russians – Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, chess (FIDE) and Vladimir Ptitsyn, draughts (FMJD). In the executive committee we also have a Russian – the successful businessman, the head of the Russian Soda Company which one of the leading this sphere.’

The recent achievements of the Russian not only in business but in sport must be mentioned. When the Russian come to sport it brings success, first of all I mean Abramovich and “Chelsea”, Ilumzhinov and FIDE which was united and now there is the unified chess world champion. I congratulate you as well on the right to hold the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi-2014. It is the success of your president Putin.

That is why the appointment of the Russian businessman Valery Zakoptelov the IMSA vice-president together with your victories in mind sport gives us the chance to on the fact that the IOC will give the mind sports special Olympic status. And I count on the Russian habit to win.

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