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News: Memorandum with the Association of IOC Recognized International Sport Federations (ARISF) is signed

Alexander Kuznetsov and Jan Fransoo

On January, 20 in the bounds of the 2nd IOC Recognized Sports conference Next Olympic Generation Memorandum of Understanding between the Multisport Association of Russia and the Association of IOC Recognized International Sports Federations (ARISF) was signed.

The memorandum was signed by ARISF President Mr. Jan Fransoo (Netherlands) and MAR First vice-president Mr. Alexander Kuznetsov in the hall of Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism in the presence of international and national federations of IOC recognized sports, guests, journalists, professors and students.

According to the signed Memorandum the Multisport Association of Russia acts as ARISF national partner on the territory of Russia. Besides, the MAR gained the right to represent the ARISF and ARISF members in Russia in order to coordinate activity and development of international and national federations of IOC recognized sports. One of such common activity projects is the World Games (IWGA).

Immediately after the Memorandum had been signed, ARISF President Jan Fransoo declared,
The Memorandum with the Multisport Association of Russia will allow to shift relations with the ARISF to a new - higher level. I think, first of all, it will tell on the preparation and participation in the most important event for our organizations the 8th World Games Kaohsiung-2009. Considering that the Games will be held in Taiwan, the Chinese will make their best to ensure the victory, especially now, after their triumph in Beijing. However, I suppose that if Russia has serious attitude towards the Games, sends a serious delegation to Taiwan and provides necessary financial support, then - with the help of the Multisport Association of Russia whose activity I highly appreciate - we can expect a good performance of Russian sportsmen. Not worse than at the previous Games in Duisburg in 2005 and in Akita in 2001. I will set you a simple example korfball because I head the International Federation of this sport. Four years ago nobody heard of the Russians. Due to the Multisport Association of Russia the Russian Korfball Federation was established. Now Russian national team is one of the world top five teams and it claims to win the medals! Believe me; such success can be achieved in other disciplines. Undoubtedly, it is within the depth of such a great sport power like Russia! I hope that the Multisport Association of Russia will assist other federations of IOC recognized sports and this point is included in the Memorandum. Such agreement is the first between the ARISF and a national organization ever.

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