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News: Nomination of Saint Petersburg for hosting the World Games -2013

Saint PetersburgThe Multisport Association of Russia received a letter from IWGAs President Ron Fröhlich which suggests that Saint Petersburg should be nominated for hosting the World Games-2013.

It must be noted that that IWGAs offer was caused by the refusal of Duisburg authorities (Germany) to host the event due to difficult financial situation in the period of the global economic crisis. We remind you that the previous 7th World Games in 2005 were held in Duisburg.

In his letter Mr. Fröhlich specially pointed to Russian sportsmens achievements at the two previous World Games in 2001 and 2005. Russian national team became the first according to informal medal count then. Besides, IWGA President supposes that hosting the Games corresponds to Russian high political potential and our countrys striving for acquiring the leading position at the global sport arena.

The Multisport Association of Russia officially asked Saint Petersburg administration to consider IWGAs suggestion of the possibility to host the World Games in 2013.

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