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News: International Sport festival of Finn-Ugric peoples Komi-2010 is presented at the sport forum Sport-Sochi-2009

Komi-2010At the sport forum Sport-Sochi-2009 the Multisport Association of Russia presented the international sport festival of Finn-Ugric peoples Komi-2010 which will take place in Syktyvkar. Besides Alexander Kuznetsov, MAR vice-president, and Alexey Kylasov, MAR secretary general, Nikolay Gordeev head of Komi Agency for sport and physical culture participated in the project presentation.

Alexander Kuznetsov, Nikolay Gordeev, Alexey KylasovKomi authorities planned to hold this festival in 2009 and the initiator of the event was the International Finn-Ugric Consultative Committee. However, in the course of the 5th North Social-Ecological Congress which is annually organized by the Komi Republic administration together with the Russian Presidents Administration, both Parliament Chambers and Russian Academy of Sciences, it was suggested that the festival concept should be changed.

On April, 21 2009 participants of the Conference Cultural and Natural Heritage of Russia: North Dimension, Civilized Identity, Study and Protection methods ,held at the MSU philosophy faculty, decided to form cultural program of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi-2014 basing on Finn-Ugric traditional games and native sports.

Alexey KylasovThe idea was suggested by secretary general of the Multisport Association of Russia Alexey Kylasov in his report. Referring to historical research of physical activity of Northern peoples, Alexey Kylasov declared that traditional games and national competitions, most of which had been Finn-Ugric, became the precursor of the program of Winter Olympic Games. Later he offered to introduce the festival as the presentation of Sochi-2014 cultural program. According to Alexey Kylasov this decision could be seen as a kind of reinstatement of historic justice.

Governor of Komi administration, Vladimir Torlopov, and head of the International Finn-Ugric Consultative Committee, Valery Markov, who were present at the congress, showed genuine interest in such a concept of the festival. Later it was decided that the project would be presented at the sport forum Sport-Sochi-2009.

Particularly for the guests and participants of the forum in Sochi during the presentation secretary general of the Multisport Association of Russia Alexey Kylasov declared on behalf of the organizers of the International sport festival of Finn-Ugric peoples Komi-2010:

Speaking from historical point of view Russia has a unique chance to become the first country to render its due to Finn-Ugric peoples physical activity. Such national show will not only heighten self-esteem of all Russian ethnicities but will also serve as an appeal to all mankind to revalue the role of Finn-Ugric traditional games and national competitions.

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