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News: ULTRA Company became a partner of the Multisport Association of Russia

ULTRA CompanyThe Multisport Association of Russia has signed a contract with the manufacturer of clothes and sport equipment of ULTRA Company.

The contract presupposes providing special conditions for equipping sportsmen and coaches of the federations The Multisport Association members. One of the main stimulating points of the cooperation was the fact that few Russian manufacturers produce sport clothes which meet requirements of new sports for Russia.

In most cases federations MAR members have to use the existing variants of equipment of the Olympic sports. Often it does not correspond to sport requirements. For example uniform for korfball. MAR first vice-president, Russian Korfball Federation president Alexander Kuznetsov noticed,

Now the federation has to order the uniform abroad. The peculiarity of korfball is that both male and female athletes play in one team. Even though for men it is possible to use the uniform of volleyball, basketball players or others, there are no suppliers of the uniform for women on the Russian market at all. We need spot skirts. The only analogue is the skirt for tennis players but such skirts, as they say, are not exactly the right thing.

ULTRA CompanyThe director of ULTRA equipping center Olga Korolyova said that one of the main directions of the brand had always been the aim to meet needs of people interested in sport and leading the active lifestyle,

Development of cooperation with the Multisport Association of Russia which unites news kinds of sport corresponds to our companys trend. I think that new sport interests make the fashion. And here purposes of our company and the MARs ones, as they say, coincide. All ULTRA clothing is created by a group of young and talented designers and constructors and it includes latest world fashion tendencies. Now we can say fashion tendencies for new sport.

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