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News: Drafts and Go will be recognized by IOC

IMSAThe President of Association of Recognized IOC International Sports Federation (ARISF) Jan Fransoo has declared to IA "Sportcom", being in these days in Moscow, Drafts and Go will be recognized by the International Olympic committee. Such decision in many respects is connected with creation of the International Mind Sport Association.

IMSA was founded on April, 19th, 2005 within the limits of the International Convention "Sportaccord" by four international federations - chess, bridge, go and drafts. The President of the World federation of a bridge (WBF) Jose Damiani has become its President. Two of four presidents in structure of IMSA are Russians - Kirsan Ilyumzhinov (FIDE) and Vladimir Ptitsyn (FMJD). IMSA motto: "Mind sports - fitness for mind".

Chess and bridge already spend their Olympiads, but more than a year back the association which has set the purpose of carrying out of intellectual Olympiad (Intelliad) or the Intellectual World Games right after Olympic Games in the same cities. IMSA offer has been supported by GAISF and has found understanding in IOC.

Jan Fransoo supports the idea, that carrying out of Intellectual Games is justified, because these are special kinds of sports in which athleticism is not the main component, but competitions of minds quite answers to purposes of the Olympism.

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