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News: The Memorandum with the International Mind Sport Association (IMSA)

Yury Rodionov and Jose DamianiOn October, 23 in the bounds of the Mind Sport Forum a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the Multisport Association of Russia and the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA).

The Memorandum was signed by the IMSA president Mr. Jose Damiani and the MAR president Yuri Rodionov in Petrovsky Hall of Mariott Aurora Hotel (Moscow) in the presence of the international and national mind sports federation’s presidents, representatives of the Rossport, Moscow Department for Physical Culture and Sport, and mass media.

Immediately after the memorandum had been signed, a briefing for the press was organized. During the briefing Jose Damiani declared,

‘Russia is probably the greatest power of the mind sport in the world which is proved by constant victories of your sportsmen. Participants in Petrovsky Hall of Mariott Aurora HotelThat is why, I am happy to sign the Memorandum of understanding with the Multisport Association of Russia which unites the national federations of chess, bridge, draughts and go. Mind sport is as important as physical sport. And I am glad to see the enthusiasm and understanding on the part of our Russian colleagues. They have not only ideas but real projects both on the national and international level which are to be fulfilled. Two of our federations – chess and bridge – have already been recognized by the International Olympic Committee. Now our common deal is to achieve the IOC recognition of draughts and go. Jose DamianiI believe that they also have chances to be accepted in the Olympic family and I appeal to the presidents of the federations to show their initiative in this question.’

According to the signed Memorandum the Multisport Association of Russia acts on the territory of Russia as the IMSA plenipotentiary. Besides, the MAR has gained the right to hold complex mind sport events with the support of the IMSA.

The first of such events is Mind Games Moscow Open which will be held on February, 2-10 in Moscow. The time for the Games was suggested by the MAR vice-president, the head of Moscow Department for Physical Culture and Sport Mikhail Stepanyants. The Russian Chess Federation supported the initiative of the MAR and Mikhail Stepanyants to extend the program of the annual chess tournament.

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