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Events: 3-rd International Exhibition Sport-6

3-rd International Exhibition Sport-6The third international exhibition «Sport 6» was held in the period from 6 to 9 April 2006 in Pavilion 57 of Russian Expocenter. This prominent event attracted and united various institutions of sport industry, sport clubs and federations, sport committees, sport schools and centers.

The exhibition “Sport 6” is the main exhibition event of the Federal Agency for Physical Culture and Sport. Every year it attracts more and more attention of both Russian and foreign participants, visitors and mass media.

The Multisport Association of Russia (MAR) and “Sportcom” informational agency were presented not only by their stands. One day of the program was dedicated to the sports which are united by the MAR and written about by “Sportcom”. At the end of the international exhibition “Sport 6” the jury awarded the MAR a diploma.

Here is the overlook of the events of the exhibition:

April, 6

Vyacheslav Fetisov and Dmitry GubernievAccording to the best traditions of sport events all the participants and guests praised Sport singing, ‘Oh, Sport, you are peace! Oh, Sport, you are life! Oh, Sport, you are show! Oh, Sport, you are our Love!’ With these words the âĺäóůčé of the ceremony greeted all. Fire is the symbol of sport victories. In the honor of Fire young figure skaters presented the dance of fire, and stunt men amazed everybody with most difficult tricks. The guests and participants of the exhibition were greeted by the Head of the Federal Agency for Physical Culture and Sport Vyacheslav Fetisov, the Head of the Public Organization “Sport Russia” Irina Rodnina, the President of Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Evgeny Primakov and the managing director of the International Association for Sport and Leisure facilities Klaus Mainel and others.

Vyacheslav Fetisov noticed that the exhibition plays a significant role not only as the demonstration of achievements and ample opportunities of its participants in the sphere of sport industry but also as a very important event in the propaganda of healthy lifestyle. “”This is the third exhibition, and even on its first day I can see the progress of this event”, concluded Fetisov. Irina Rodnina stated that one of the most essential missions of the exhibition was the help in realization of concrete projects concerning development of children’s and mass sport, search and promotion of young talents. Evgeny Primakov wish the participants, guests and organizers of the exhibition fruitful work, success in achieving set aims, profitable contracts and agreements.
The main surprise of the opening ceremony was the appearance of the world sport legends Irina Rodnina and Vyacheslav Fetisov on the ice.

During the exhibition there took place a business program and theoretic-practical conference “Strategic courses of investment policy in the sphere of physical culture and sport”. The grand opening was held by the Rector of the Institute of Economy and Finance “Sinergia”, the international academy of football industry, Doctor of Economy, Professor M. Y. Yoffe and the President of Russian Association for Sport Facilities L. V. Aristova.

Within the bounds of the federal target program the presentation of projects of the facilities for mass sport was held. Besides Russian participants the guests from Germany- Klaus Mainel, the manager of the International Association for Sport and Leisure facilities “IAKS” (Köln) and Tomas Pfeifer, the Doctor of Russian-German medical center (Lewerkusen) made their speeches at the presentation.
The awarding ceremony of the sportsmen, trainers and workers of the sphere was also included in the program of the event. Modern music was heard from the main stage where the show of the latest collections of sport equipment for Russian national team. Sportwear The company “Forward” was there beyond comparison, the clothing of the company is very popular with many Russian champions. The next event on the program list was the presentation of the international sport film festival “Krasnogorsky”. Film fanciers had a chance to see a lot of their idols in a small conference hall. Sport lovers appreciated such films as “The Line of Destiny” about the swimmer Alexander Popov, “Everlasting Duel” with the figure-skater Evgeny Plyuschenko and films-reflections of the world sport stars. The demonstration of the films of Moscow international diving festival “Golden Dolphin” was also met with delight.

And what was going on in the sport sector! The players of the national basketball team and “Dinamo” Dmitry Domani and Pyotr Likholitov gave a master class. sport fans were applauding to the masters of roller sport. The sportsmen of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sport of Moscow Region also showed their worth. Boys and girls demonstrated how one should do aerobics, hand-to-hand fighting, karate, field hockey, calisthenics and sport dancing.

On the first day of the exhibition real competitions were held. Sport fans attentively watched mountain climbing competitions. The contest was the first stage of Russian Mountain Climbing Cup in memory of Anatoly Bychkov. Courageous girls proved that mountain climbing in Russian is on high level (both figuratively and literary).

April, 7

The vice-prime minister of Russian government Alexander Zhukov arrived at the exhibition for a visit. The interest of the Head of the organizational committee “Sochi 2014” was aroused by the stands of the companies dealing with building objects for winter sports. At Rossport Board session the program of the development of physical culture and sport in Russia for years 2006-2015 was discussed. The vice-chairman of Rossport Leila Pokrovskaya made speech at the session. The Head of Rossport Vyacheslav Fetisov noticed, ‘The general picture of the exhibition is pleasant. The quality of the production has increased; the competition at the market is growing. It proves that we are moving in the right direction. I would like to mention the regional programs presented here. They may be a good example for those, who have similar programs only on the stage of development. For the first time we may see here the achievement of scientific research institutes. It is enjoyable that each year something new appears. We are planning to use the format of the exhibition in future. The exhibitions means arrangement of sport objects, master classes with outstanding Russian sportsmen, the involvement of children’s sport schools and homes. This conception of uniting exponents and people, who are interested in sport, is very successful. We proceed in all the directions. In sport sphere a clear system of management is being formed and this produces the results. The government that has taken the responsibility of providing the necessary conditions, support of the sportsmen and the incentive system, stands behind sportsmen’s victories.’

A master class in curling was held. The game lessons were given by a participant of the Olympic Games in Turin, a member of Russian national team Yana Nekrasova. The sportsmen of the national male team Alexey Kamnev and Roman Kutuzov assisted her. Numerous spectators who gathered around the mini-skating rink were explained the rules of this game that is gradually becoming popular in Russia. Then the sportsmen played several show-matches.

The Head of the Central Council of “Sport Russia” Irina Rodnina held a master class in figure skating on the mini-skating rink. The three times Olympic Champion came to the rink wearing high-heeled shoes and gave some advice to young sportsmen of Children’s Sport Schools.

The company “Panasonic” presented modern security, video observation and control systems. The latest video observation systems, systems of iris identification, IP-cameras and video door intercommunication systems were presented by the Head of the Department of security systems of the company Sergey Pichkalev.
The head of the administration of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations Yuri Sizykh held the round-table discussion “Building of quickly reproduced sport constructions” in the bounds of the “United Russia” program.

The third stage of the Russian Mountain Climbing Cup continued on the second day of the exhibition. This time it was men’s contest. The qualification of this part of the competitions was held in two groups. In the first group, where the best sportsmen of the country competed, Salavat Rakhmetov, several times winner of the World Cup, proved his status of the Champion. He coped with all the five routes at the first attempt. Mikhail Chernikov from Voronezh Region and Vasily Kozlov from Krasnoyarsk Territory shared the second place. They also handled all the routes but stumbled once (Vasily at the third “mushroom”, Mikhail at the fifth). Rustam Gelmanov could have joined them but he managed to climb the fifth route only after five attempts.

In the second group there were no sharing places. Dmitry Sharafutdinov from Sverdlovsk Region, as in the case of Salavat Rakhmetov, coped with all the five routes at the first attempt and became the first. Dmitry Portsev from Rostov Region, having made a mistake at the fourth route, took the second place. Evgeny Bashkirtsev, a representative of Irkutsk Region, did not manage to reache the top of the third route and was the third.

April, 8

Multisport Associatin and expoApril, 8 was the day of the Multisport Association of Russia (MAR) and the informational agency “Sportcom”. The visitors closer acquainted with the sports which are represented by the Association, and also had a meeting with the secretary general of the MAR and the editor-in-chief of “Sportcom” Alexey Kylasov.
At the exhibition with the active involvement of the federations, several sports recognized by the IOC were demonstrated, among them: climbing, korfball, underwater sport.
The president of Climbing Federation of Russia Alexander Piratinsky made his personal contribution to the organization and holding the competition at the exhibition. The stands were used not only as the equipment samples but also as a good area for demonstrating skills of sportsmen. In addition to Russian best climbers Climbing Federation of Russia invited Ukrainian athletes to take part in the event.

Anna Arzhanova, the vice-president of the MAR and the president of Russian Underwater Sport Federation organized the work of a unique swimming-pool where such underwater sport disciplines as aquathlon, underwater rugby and apnoe (free diving) were presented. The federation representatives answered the questions of the spectators and persuaded then to visit the competitions. The main surprise for the audience was the opportunity to try themselves in underwater sport. Anyone had a chance to sink into water under the supervision of an instructor.

Oryol Korfball Federation presented a match of two teams. Among the players there were European and World Champions. It is necessary to pay special attention to Sergey Nizovsky, a player of the Russian national team. Sergey is one of the leading korfball players in the world. The associated member of IKF Executive Committee Michael Odereev explained the differences between korfball and basketball, the use of a football and the success of korfball among the audience. In this aspect it is worth mentioning female participation in the game; ladies’ uniform is similar to the one of tennis-players.

Discussion with Alexey KylasovThus, the exhibition was the first multisport event. Rossport and “Sport Russia”, the organizers of the next exhibition, reached the agreement that MAR would also be involve in the organization of the exhibition. This means that the program of the next exhibition will be richer in both presenting new kinds of sport and demonstrating sports not included in the Olympic Games program yet.

Show matches of the Olympic curling female national team were organized. Olga Zharkova, Nkeiruka Ezekh and Darya Kozlova (a member of the junior team) explained the ruled of this comparatively new game for Russia and taught the visitor to push off from special pads cut into ice.

The visitors of the exhibition have the opportunity not only to watch different sports but also participate in them. Competitions in mini-football, street basketball, ping-pong and table hockey were arranged for boys and girls from sport schools and children's homes. The exhibitors took part in street basketball, football, table hockey, ping-pong, darts tournaments.
The famous Russian figure-skater Maria Butyrskaya visited the exhibition. According to her words, figure-skating is so popular at present that parents bring children who have hardly learned to walk to the skating rink.

Closing ceremony of Sportshow-6One of the most spectacular tournaments of the exhibition was held. It was the cheerleading tournament. Attractive young girls from sport teams support groups performed their energetic dancing. Dancers, boxers and sambo sportsmen representing the club “Bagration” from Mozhaisk were playing on the main sport stage of the exhibition.

Bouldering competition among females was organized on the third day of “Sport 6”. After the qualification contest 12 participants got to the final. Ksenia Alekseeva from Chelyabinsk Region was the one to start the final part. Unfortunately, she managed to reach the top only of two routes. Her fellow citizen Marina Saulevich did not show a good result either.

The first sportsman that claimed to the victory was Svetlana Tuzhilina from Ukraine. She managed to cope with the first four routes without any mistakes but she experienced difficulties at the fifth and sixth routes and failed to handle them.

The competitions were coming tot an end when Julia Abramchuk, a sportsman from St. Petersburg, appeared at the start. She went through first two problem accurately and failed at the third. She coped with the fourth and the crucial moment came…If she manages to handle the fifth problem, she will take the leading position. And she does it! But there is one more candidate for the victory- Tatyana Tarasova from Samara Region. It is enough for her to reach the bonus hold of the sixth route but it does not happen, and Tatyana gets the third prize.

It is worth mentioning one more participant, Alexandra Malysheva who came from St. Petersburg. Alexandra was the eighth at the contest but she was the only one who coped with the sixth route.

It is impossible to put into words what was going on at the male final! One could hardly approach the barrier. The only thing which could be seen from the back rows was the top of the final route and, consequently, the moment when a sportsman reached it.

It must be noticed one more time that the male qualification contest was held in two groups, which divided the sportsmen according to the rating. 30 strongest sportsmen formed the first group. The second one was formed by the rest. Six climbers of each group reached the final and competed for the prizes on the third day of the exhibition.
Kirill Dyakonov from Moscow was the first on the list of the finalists. He managed to get through two routes. The next participant was Daniil Bargozin representing Sverdlovsk Region. Unfortunately, he ‘subjugated’ only Route 4. Moscower Pavel Peskin failed at all the routes and took the twelfth place.

One of the main favorites, Rustam Gelmanov, who was the fifth to start, confidently coped with the first three problems but was unsuccessful at the fourth and fifth. He went through the last
route after his second attempt. Rustam could count on one of the first three places because his opponents had succeeded at three or less routes. It lasted till …

…till Salavat Rakhmetov, several times winner of the World and European Cups, appeared. Like a real champion he got through all the routes with the exception of the fifth. It was quite enough because his closest opponent, Dmitry Sharafutdinov, from Sverdlovsk Region, who eventually took the second place, could not reach the top of the fourth route.

If Dmitry had managed to cope with the second problem immediately he would have probably leave Salavat behind but it did not occur and he was the second. As it has been mentioned above the third prize went to Rustam Gelmanov.

The visitors of the exhibition could observe a unique exposition of works of Russian contest “Children Paint Sport”. 84 paintings were presented at the exhibition. The authors of the paintings are the winners of regional contests and they took part in the international exhibition in Lausanne. The jury consisted of Russian and foreign painters and the head was Juan Antonio Samaranch. At the Russian contest more than 1500 painting all over the country were presented.

In the section for cycle trial a new national record in standing broad high jumping was held. Mikhail Sukhanov, Russian champion, cleared the bar of 1,12 m and bettered his previous achievement for 3 cm.

In the cheerleading tournament the team “Credo” from the club “Assol” was the best. The second prize went to their club mates, the team “Grace”. The team from Himki “Svetlyatchok” got the third prize. To the applause of the audience the winners were awarded prizes and gifts from the organizers of the event.

Maria Kiselyova, a three times Olympic Champion in synchronous swimming, and now a popular TV presenter, and Vladimir Gladyshev, the director of “Dinamo” hockey school, commented on a demonstrative training session of the young hockey players of the club. The spectators learned that all the boys dreamed of playing ifor the NHL and the national team of Russia. The majority of the boys started playing hockey at the age of three. The director told the audience how the feeling of patriotism was brought up in the club.

The last prominent event happened on April, 8 was the triumph of children’s home 48 in the football and basketball competitions among children’s homes.

April, 9

At the football arena show training sessions for children from Moscow sport schools were held by the senior coach of “Spartak” Evgeny Lovchev, famous Russian football layers Dmitry Ananko and his namesake Gorin, Sergio, a Brazilian football player, and other well-known sportsmen. The ‘star’ master classes were commented by Dmitry Guberniev and Roman Skvortsov.

The Head of the central council of “Sport Russia” and a three times Olympic Champion Irina Rodnina and the MAR President, the State Duma deputy colonel-general Yuri Rodionov awarded the winners of the Russian Mountain Climbing Cup that was held in the bounds of the exhibition “Sport 6”.

On the last day of the international exhibition the final parts of competitions in two sport disciplines (bouldering and speed climbing) were held. Climbing is a sport recognized by the IOC and its inclusion in the exhibition program gives it an additional opportunity for the sport popularization.

The president of Climbing Federation of Russia, Doctor of Pedagogy, Alexander Piratinsky declared,
‘By giving the opportunity to hold the competitions during the exhibition, “Rossport” has not only cut down expenses of the Cup organizers but also “ensured” the presence of a great amount of respected people’.

The closing ceremony was preceded by the master class held by the Head of Rossport, many times the World, USSR, Olympic Games Champion, the owner of the Stanley Cup, Vyacheslav Fetisov. Sergey Makarov and Dmitry Guberniev commented on the master class.

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