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Events: 3-rd Moscow Festival of Flying Disks (Frisbee)

MAR and award2006 on May, 9 at “Yantar” Stadium in Moscow the results of the third Moscow Festival of Flying Disc were summed up. The participants of the competition were awarded with the Cups and Medals of the organizers of the event: the Interregional Federation of Flying Disc (Frisbee) of Russia, the Multisport Association of Russia (MAR), “Sport Russia” and Sportcom Informational Agency. The awarding ceremony was held with the participation of the AMSR President, the State Duma deputy colonel-general Yuri Nikolaevich Rodionov, the first vice-president of the Association Alexander Kuznetsov, the secretary general Alexey Kylasov, and the president of Russian Imperial Society Valeri Dmitriev.

Over 150 sportsmen from Moscow, Moscow region, Ioshkar Ola, Nizhni Novgorod, Veliki Novgorod, Saint Petersburg, Smolensk, and also from Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine, took part in the competitions. The high amount of the participants in the third festival was the reason for the MAR agreement to support establishing All-Russian public organization of Flying Disc (Frisbee). Only All-Russian Federation will in future have the right to apply for the recognition of the sport and its accreditation in Rossport and in this way to get the governmental support in the preparation of the national team for the World Games.

Alexey Kylasov and Yury RodionovMoscow Fly Disc Festival is a traditional event the main aims of which are to demonstrate the whole variety of games with an unusual for Russia apparatus – a flying disc. And in the USA, for instance, according to the poll “What sport would you like to include in the Olympic Games Program?” held by “The Washington Post” Ultimate Frisbee was the leader on the list.
The central event of the Festival was the tournament in Ultimate Frisbee, a team sport. In this discipline the winner was team «ÂĎŐ».
Ultimate Frisbee, the most wide-spread of all flying disc games, appeared in the USA in 1960s. At present in the USA there are over 1800 registered Ultimate Clubs, in Europe their number is about 700, and in Russia now there are more that 20 teams.

In the tournament of the throw accuracy the winner was Sergey Bondarenko (Moscow). With the result of 81 m Eric Reppun (Honolulu, the USA) won the contest in throw distance. The national record of Russia is 83,5 m, it was held at the previous Festival. Elena Darmichan from St. Petersburg showed the best result among ladies (61,7 m). In addition to the competitions, during the festival there were show games in freestyle and dog competitions on dog Frisbee.

This festival already for the third time gathers the fans of this sport at “Yantar” Stadium. The stadium Administration was awarded the MAR Diploma for the support of Frisbee. The AMSR participation in the festival is predetermined by the fact that Frisbee is included in the World Games Program. Till now the Frisbee national team of Russia has not taken part in the Games but with the MAR establishment the task of full presenting the country in all sports has got its executive.

Public Organization “Sport Russia” , the main aim of which is to develop mass sport in Russia, takes part in the festival because the sport can be interesting to vast majority of Russian people. This sport does not require any special equipment or constructions. Besides, Frisbee competitions can be held in both personal and team championships. And this, according to Irina Rodnina, the Head of the Central Council of “Sport Russia”, is a good perspective for the development.

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