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Events: The first international mind sports games IMSA Cup

IMSA CupOn April 27-29, 2008 Perm will be the venue of the first international mind sports games IMSA Cup.

Organized by:
International Mind Sports Association
Multisport Association of Russia

Supported by
European Olympic Committees
Russian Olympic Committee

Sponsored by
Russian Soda Company

For the first time different mind sportsmen will gather together to compete in one place. IMSA Cup embodies the principle of consolidation, which was proclaimed in April 2005. IMSA Cup is a dress rehearsal for the first World Mind Sports Games, which will take place in the capital of Summer Olympics 2008, Beijing, shortly after the end of Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The competitions are organized by the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA) and Multisport Association of Russia IMSA official representative in Russia, and under the auspices of the Russian Olympic Committee.

IMSA Cup will feature competitions in four sports: Chess, Bridge, Draughts and Go. As specified in the regulations of the new Cup, up to 25 players can participate in each event. To ensure the maximum appeal from the audience the competitions will be held in fast variants of mind games, and thus they will only last two days. Chess, Draughts, and Go players will dispute individual championship, while Bridge players will compete in pairs.

The regulations stipulate an all-play-all format. In all of the disciplines, each sportsman will have to play other participants. The winner will be the contestant with the largest sum of points.

The tournament will also feature an exhibition match in such exotic sport as Chinese Chess Xiang Qi.

The last competition day will be devoted to a friendly match of the guests of the competitions European Ambassadors and Russian Members of Parliament, which will attend the games and participate in the solemn closing ceremony.

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