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Meeting of the Federation Council Chairman Sergei Mironov with the representatives of the Multisport Association of Russia

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Events: II Conference of recognized IOC sports «Next Olympic Generation»

II Conference of recognized IOC sports «Next Olympic Generation»

Organized by:

Multisport Association of Russia
Association of Recognized IOC International Sports Federations (ARISF)

Supported by:

Ministry of sport, tourism and youth policy
Russian Olympic Committee (ROC)
Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism (RSUPCST)


Representatives of the national and international federations of sports recognized by IOC
President of the Association of Recognized IOC International Sports Federations (ARISF), Dr. Jan Fransoo (Netherlands)
RSUPCST professors, teachers and students

Questions of the Conference

- Integration of developing sports into the Olympic movement
- International practice of the recognition of developing sports by national Olympic committees and governmental bodies.
- Preparation and peculiarities of holding the 8th World Games Kaohsiung-2009 (Taiwan)

January, 20 2009, 10.00 AM Conference Hall of Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism (RSUPCST)

The Secretary General of the Multisport Association of Russia Alexey Kylasov introduced the participants and the guests, and then he asked them to make the greeting speech.

Alexander Bleyer and Alexander Stradze

Alexander Bleyer, RSUPCST rector,

“Such an impressive discussion of the problems of IOC recognized sports development, thus, sports, popular all over the world, held in our university, promotes development of federations’ relations. Systematization of the federations’ knowledge and experience has always been the key element of the university function.”

Jan Fransoo, ARISF President,

“It is already a second Conference organized by the Multisport Association of Russia for discussing questions of development, recognition and interrelations of IOC recognized international sport federations. It’s my pleasure to declare that as a result of the first conference was that two IOC recognized sports were recognized in Russia – korfball and tug-of-war. It is a great service of the Multisport Association of Russia that helped the international federations to found the national federations in Russia.”

At the beginning of the conference ARISF President Jan Fransoo submitted a report about the development of IOC recognized sports in the world. He noticed that only 75 percent of the national Olympic committees (NOC) contain IOC recognized sports.

Jan FransooJan Fransoo, ARISF President,

“According to the regulations of other 25 percent of NOCs only Olympic sports can gain NOC membership. For example, such situation is in Greece and Great Britain. I can say that the NOCs which make 25 percent act unwisely (laughing). Theoretically, in the ARISF nothing prevents us from to sue at law such Olympic committees on the basis of the Olympic charter. However, I am not a supporter of such negative measures. It is always better to follow another – positive way. Therefore, we do our best to explain and prove to the NOCs that new non-Olympic recognized sports will bring them new followers – especially among young people – raise their significance, attractiveness and status. In this case I’m glad to say that in Russia we have no problems. In your country non-Olympic sports have membership of the Russian Olympic Committee, and cooperation between the ARISF and the Multisport Association of Russia (MAR) develops intensively due to the young and active administrative team led by my ARISF colleague representing bandy – MAR secretary general Alexey Kylasov. The Memorandum of Understanding which has been signed today is one more proof of it. Along with China and Germany Russia is an acknowledged world leader of non-Olympic sport development. Every year your significance in the ARISF increases.
Regarding the prospect of including bandy in the Winter Olympic Games Sochi 2014, I should say, it is unreal because the demo program is closed and a new sport can be included in the program 7 years before the Games. As it is know there are popular national sports in different countries. For example, Russian hockey is extremely popular in Russia but I’m not sure that they heard about it in other countries. In order to allow these sports to be seen and to give them a chance to be recognized Olympic program members, they need “demonstration”. However, till Jacques Rogge is the IOC President, so-called “demonstrative” sports, which earlier could be included in the program by the hosts’ application, definitely will not be returned to the program. As ARISF president I will support any action which could lead to extended flexibility of the Olympic program. Unfortunately, lately the Olympic movement has rejected the concept of demonstrative sports. IOC present president Jacques Rogge has a firm position that a sport is either included in the Olympic program or is not. No middle exists. This is the present situation and I’m inclined to think that till Mr. Rogge is the president it will not change. And in four years when his term of office will be over, everything is possible. ”

Conference participants’ most interesting remarks

Alexey Kylasov, secretary general of the Multisport Association of Russia, head of Olympic development committee of the International Federation of Bandy (FIB),

“At present out of 31 IOC recognized sports 26 are available in Russia because five are missing: Basque pelota, netball, racquetball, surfing, life saving. 16 members of the Multisport Association of Russia out of 41 are IOC recognized. 16 federations are members of the Russian Olympic Committee. The task to unite federations which was set up 4 years ago is fulfilled. The Multisport Association of Russia has an agreement with the ROC and major organizations of the Olympic movement. And in the first place - with the ARISF – IOC partner along with the Associations of Summer and Winter Olympic sports and the General Association of International Sport Federations (GAISF).”

Jan Fransoo, ARISF president,

“We have signed Memorandum of Understanding between the Multisport Association of Russia and the Association of IOC Recognized sport federations (ARISF). The Memorandum with the Multisport Association of Russia will allow shifting relations with the ARISF to a new - higher level. I think, first of all, it will tell on the preparation and participation in the most important event for our organizations – the 8th World Games Kaohsiung-2009. Considering that the Games will be held in Taiwan, the Chinese will make their best to ensure the victory, especially now, after their triumph in Beijing. However, I suppose that if Russia has serious attitude towards the Games, sends a serious delegation to Taiwan and provides necessary financial support, then - with the help of the Multisport Association of Russia whose activity I highly appreciate - we can expect a good performance of Russian sportsmen. Not worse than at the previous Games in Duisburg in 2005 and in Akita in 2001. I will set you a simple example – korfball – because I head the International Federation of this sport. Four years ago nobody heard of the Russian. Due to the Multisport Association of Russia the Russian Korfball Federation was established. Now Russian national team is one of the world top five teams and it claims to win the medals! Believe me; such success can be achieved in other disciplines. Undoubtedly, it is within the depth of such a great sport power like Russia! I hope that the Multisport Association of Russia will assist other federations of IOC recognized sports and this point is included in the Memorandum. Such agreement is the first between the ARISF and a national organization ever.”

Dmitry Volkov, Council of the President of the Russian Olympic Committee,

“We know that there is one more organization in Russia – the Committee of National and Non-Olympic Sports (CNNS) which has been inactive recently. At this for the first time in the history of Russian sport the Multisport Association of Russia has established relations with main international organizations which work with non-Olympic sport. The Multisport Association of Russia has a positive experience of recent organization of participation Russian national teams in the first World Mind Sports Games in Beijing and 4th World Sport for All Games (TAFISA) in BUSAN under IOC patronage.”

Jan Fransoo, ARISF president,

“ARISF is a strategic partner of the International World Games Association (IWGA) and the Multisport Association of Russia; therefore, we have made our choice for benefit of the existing cooperation. We are fully satisfied with the activity of our national level partner in Russia. At this, I would like to notice that the secretary general of the Multisport Association of Russia is my ARISF colleague representing bandy. As far as the other organization is concerned I can declare that I simply do not know anybody from it. Several years ago we discussed it with the vice-presidents of the ROC – Gennady Aleshin and Victor Khotochkin.”

Alexander Kuznetsov, first vice-president of the Multisport Association of Russia, the president of the Russian Korfball Federation,

“CNNS unites Russian regions; the Multisport Association of Russia unites federations. According to the IWGA regulations the World Games are competitions between sportsmen not countries. So, we help the federations which have our membership in order to solve all the organizational questions of preparation and participation for achieving best results at the World Games. The Russian will take part in the maximal quantity of sport competitions ever – 21 of 34. For comparison: in Akita in 2001 Russian national team was represented by 10 sports, in Duisburg in 2005 - by 18 ones.”

Oleg Gadyuchkin and Irina Rodnina

Irina Rodnina, head of the Central Council of the All-Russian Volunteer Organization “Sport Russia”, the State Duma deputy, three-time Olympic champion,

“I would like to notice that non-Olympic, and in particular IOC recognized sports, are present in the programs of international competitions for children and the young – World School Games - Gimnasiade and World Student Games - Universiade. This fact proves the growth of the popularity of these sports.”

Oleg Gadyuchkin, executive director of the Central Council of the All-Russian Volunteer Organization “Sport Russia”,

“Throughout the subject it would be interesting for me to listen to the esteemed President of the ARISF and the esteemed colleagues’ point of view about the development of variety karate and fitness trends. In Russia there are several federations of each of these sports. And all these national federations are members of the corresponding international federations. And what is remarkable is that there are many sportsmen in karate and fitness groups.”

Anna Arzhanova, vice-president of the Multisport Association of Russia, vice-president of the International Underwater Sports Confederation (CMAS), president of the Russian Underwater Federation,

“For the development of the Olympic movement it is necessary to search for new creative ideas and listen to call of the modern society. For example, having analyzed underwater sport situation we changed the development concept and worked out the rules of diving competitions for millions of people who like this sport. This year the first world diving championship (one of the most mass sports) will be held. Also we are obliged to observe the laws and follow the requirement of The Olympic movement organizations. It is unacceptable to hold several world championships of one and the same sport. There cannot be several best sportsmen in one discipline according to different organizations. As a result we have pseudo-champions, and this violates the main principle of the Olympic movement Fair Play.”

Jan Fransoo, ARISF President,

“In the Memorandum between the Multisport Association of Russia and the ARISF there is a clause in which we have dotted i’s regarding the cooperation with so-called “parallel” federations. We strongly object to any cooperation with alternates. Alexey Kylasov knows how many questions from many federations come to the GAISF, where I am an EXCO member. It is a normal process when a discipline organizes a independent federation, as it happened to Dragon boating which separated from the International Canoe Federation (ICF) or to sport climbing which has come out of the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (UIAA). In both cases partnership has been preserved. Another situation is with belt wrestling when one federation was included in the World Association of Wrestling and another federation seeks independent recognition. In this case there is no form-factor.”

Alexey Kylasov, secretary general of the Multisport Association of Russia, head of the Committee of the Olympic development of the International Bandy Federation (FIB),

“I would like to set a positive example of cooperation of IOC recognized federations and ones which do not have this recognition at the World Mind Sports Games. IOC recognized chess and bridge were in the program along with draughts and go. Besides, Chinese chess xiangqi which is not recognized as a kind of sport were also represented there. Following the Olympic principles all the sports mentioned above declare the unified sport principles united under the aegis of the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA). One more example is the first World Martial Arts Games. The organizers moved further and joined Olympic, IOC recognized and other sports in the bounds of the competition program. These are brilliant examples of cooperation. I hope that our confederation will become a similar example of mutual understanding and strengthening cooperation of different sports in the Olympic spirit.”

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