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Events: Russian Games Open: Adrenalin Games are the first extreme sports games and the start of the project

Adrenalin Games / Russian OpenFor three days – from August, 25 to 27 – Moscow aerodrome Tushino became an extreme sport center. 17,5 thousand people visited the contest. 500 sportsmen from 11 countries of the world (Russia, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, China, the Netherlands, the USA, Ukraine and Finland) took part in competitions in 5 disciplines with total prize fund of 25000$.

Vyacheslav Fetisov and Oleg SavchenkoThe idea of holding Adrenalin Games as a part of the project of the Multisport Association of Russia “Russian Games Open” gained the support of “Sport Russia”, which appeared the main organizer of the event and included it in Rossport calendar plan. In the process of the work of the organizing committee there appeared a necessity of establishing Russian Association of Extreme Sports with the Deputy of the State Duma Oleg Savchenko in the head. The project was also sustained by the federal Agency for Physical Culture and Sport and Gazprom.

Jan FransooOn the initiative of the Multisport Association of Russia the project of Adrenalin Games / Russian Open received the support of such international sport organizations as the GAISF and the ARISF which join both Olympic sports and those not included in the Olympic program. The ARISF president Jan Fransoo noticed that extreme sport is the future Olympic generation. Tamás AJÁNThe GAISF vice-president Tamash Ajan in his salutatory message to the organizers and participants of the event focused his attention on the fact that Russia, being a sport superstate, turned to developing extreme sports which spread all over the world each year.

Vyacheslav Fetisov, the head of the Federal Agency for Physical Culture and Sport, the head of Adrenalin Games Organizing Committee, resumed,

‘Adrenalin Games have shown that extreme sport is real sport. And it requires serious attitude. It is extreme that attracts a great part of the youth. For many young people it is more interesting and challenging than traditional sports. Developing Russian extreme sport has already become our aim. After the apparent success of Adrenalin Games this process will be rapidly speeding up.’

Leonid TyagachovLeonid Tyagachev, the president of the Russian Olympic Committee, appealed to national Olympic committees of the participants’ home countries to provide new sports with necessary help and support. He also expressed readiness to cooperate with the federations of extreme sport in their recognition.

The winners of the first contests Adrenalin Games/Russian open are as follows:

Alexey Kylasov hands over a prize to Pavel Voytov- Aggressive Inline Skating – Andrey Zaytsev (Russia)
- BMX Street – Pavel Voytov (Russia)
- BMX Flatland – Justin Miller (the USA)
- Skateboarding - Alexey Strukov (Russia)
- Mountainboarding– Tom Kirkman (Great Britain)

Beside the main program of Adrenalin Games / Russian Open there took place show competitions – in the sub contests graffiti, fingerboard, and Rasta bike competitions were presented.

The main prize of the Games went to American rider Justin Miller who proved the best in BMX Flatland contest. Judging by loud cheers of the audience it was one of the most spectacular kinds of extreme games. Jastin Miller is winnerJustin Miller got the cup from Alexey Kylasov, the secretary general of the Multisport Association of Russia. The special prize of informational agency “Sportcom”, the informational partner of Adrenalin Games / Russian Open, went to Pavel Voytov, the winner in BMX Street contest.

Mountainboarding in the skateparkSeveral records of Russian extreme sport were held at Adrenalin Games/ Russian Open: Gosha Podyapolsky (Moscow) was the first to make “front flip” twice at BMX; Tom Kirkman (Great Britain), Alex Downie (Great Britain) and Pavel Dunaev (Ekaterinburg) for the first time made “back flip” on mountain board simultaneously; Pavel Dunaev made “back flip one foot”.

The construction for Adrenalin Games / Russian Open is a unique one. It is the first in Russia skate park of the world level. For its designing and building the organizers invited the famous architect Andreas Schutzenberger, the head of German company “IOU-RAMPS”. Andreas Schutzenberger and Vyacheslav FetisovThe company deals with building skate parks all over the world. They worked at the most famous competitions and stationary grounds in America and Europe. The first park was built 15 years ago in Austria (Ried Innkreis); the most important is the one in the USA where X-Games take place.

Aggressive Inline SkatingOn three grounds situated nearby one could see a lot of interesting things, walking from skating park, where contests in BMX Street and Flatland were held, to skating area of aggressive rollers or to the area for mountain boarders. Besides, in the breaks between sessions visitors had a chance to try themselves in the disciplines, of course, if they had all the necessary equipment starting with helmet, boards etc., availability of which was inspected by the organizers.

The combination of such interesting competitions in one place attracted audience of different age. Those were not only teenagers and their friends. Welcoming atmosphere caught the attention of children, their parents and older members of their families. Authorities stated with pleasure that no incident of violation of the law had been registered during the Games.

Sportsman’s autographAdrenalin Games / Russian Open have shown that young generation interests all over the world coincide. Extreme sport has appeared at the meeting-point of two cultures: traditional sport and new competitions. Extreme subculture was formed in the USA and Western Europe at the end of the last century but in modern Russia it started developing not long ago. Foreign pro-riders were satisfied with the organization of the first extreme games in Russia. In the interview to “Sportcom” informational agency Nicolas Cambon, a French rider, participated in BMX Street contest, said,

BMX‘Due to the absence of an organizer this year BMX Freestyle World Champion did not take place but in Köln (Germany) wonderful competitions Suzuki Masters BMX were held. As a rider, I like most of all competitions in Berlin (Germany): they are called Rebeljam BMX. There everything is simple and ingenious; one can be riding the whole day; everything is provided. In Moscow everything was well organized for the first competitions of this kind. The organizers did their best to make audience interested ad us comfortable. It is apparent that a new extreme culture is being formed in Russia. Very good riders of different BMX Freestyle kinds (ramp, street, flatland) have gathered here. The riders can present complicated figures at high speed and fast transitions to other elements.’

The BMX sport chief coach of Russia Valery Nikiforov mentioned that in Russia BMX freestyle is developing rapidly; but the sportsmen are uncoordinated and establishing the Association of extreme sports will speed up the development of these disciplines. This was the way of BMX sport founders in America where the League joined both riders and organizers. It made it possible to improve the level of competitions and to socially protect riders in case of injury. BMX first appeared in California in the 60s of the twentieth century at the moment when motocross was intensively developing. Young people, who did not have money for motorbikes, constructed so-called BMX cycle track and bikes which resembled small bolides. And in 1982 the first BMX World Championship was held.

MountainboardingThe secretary general of the Multisport Association of Russia Alexey Kylasov at the end Adrenalin Games/Russian Open spoke on the necessity of Olympic and extreme sports cooperation,
‘At the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing for the first time sportsmen will compete for medal in BMX sport in Bi-cross discipline. Such rapid ascent of a new sport and its inclusion in the Olympic program has become possible not only due to its being popular and spectacular but also due to its integration to cycling. It was the same with mountain bike which now is a norm for many urban citizens. In early seventies a bike of new generation was invented. After ten years first competitions were held, and in 1996 one of mountain bike disciplines “cross country” was included in the Olympic Games program after its amalgamation with the International Cycling Union.’

‘In 2005 the Multisport Association of Russia worked out and presented at the international conference “Sport Accord” in Seoul its project “Russian Games Open”. The project supposed holding annually games in all sports not included in the Olympic program. The project gained the approval and support of the GAISF president Hein Verbrüggen. Verbrüggen, being the president of the International Cyclist Union, integrated mountain bike and BMX in an Olympic sport - cycling. Holding extreme games and establishing the sport federation may serve a good stimulus for recognition of extreme sport in Russia on the state level. It would give an opportunity of establishing the international federation. It is an international federation which has enough rights to apply for the GAISF and the IOC recognition. That is the reason why Russian Association of Extreme Sport should be the first step on the way of establishing the international one’ were Alexey Kylasov’s words.

In future we should expect not only annual continuation of the Games but also holding first winter Extreme Games in Russia. In the bounds of the project Adrenalin Games / Russian Open it is planned to arrange festivals of progressive music and films about extreme sports.

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