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Meeting of the Federation Council Chairman Sergei Mironov with the representatives of the Multisport Association of Russia

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Events: Conference of recognized IOC sports Next Olympic Generation

ConferenceOrganized by:

Multisport Association of Russia

Supported by:

Russian Federation Presidents Council on physical training and sports
Federal Agency of Russian Federation on physical training and sports (Rossport)
Association of Recognized IOC International Sports Federations (ARISF)
Russian Olympic Committee (ROC)


Representatives of the all-Russian federations of sports recognized by IOC

Theme of the conference:

Discussion of questions concerning complex interaction in development of recognized by IOC sports in Russia, recognition and cooperation of the all-Russian sports federation with Rossport, ROC and international sports organizations.

October, 30th, 2006, 15.00 in a Hall of boards Rossport

Participants of Coference in Collegium Hall of Rossport

The president of Association of Recognized IOC International Sports Federation (ARISF) Jan Fransoo has met with heads of Russian Olympic committee (ROC) and Multisport Association of Russia (MAR). Questions of a recognition and cooperation ROC with federations of recognized by IOC sports which have been not included in the program of Olympic Games have been discussed.

At a meeting from ROC were the first Vice-president Victor Khotochkin, Vice-president Gennady Aleshin, from MAR the first Vice-president Alexander Kuznetsov, Vice-president Anna Arzhanova and Secretary General Alexey Kylasov.

The unconditional authority of Russia on world sports arena is based on development of mass sports and support of all without exception of kinds of sports. Jan Fransoo has with satisfaction noted, that the Federal agency on physical training and sports accredits the majority recognized by IOC sports - from 26 national federations existing in Russia is financed by the state 23, and three federations are at a stage of registration. Jan Fransoo has addressed to Multisport Association of Russia and Russian Olympic committee for assistance in development of all of 29 sports which are developing by members ARISF.

Viktor Khotochkin, Jan Fransoo, Gennady AleshinVice-president of ROC Gennady Aleshin has informed the ARISF president, that members of ROC are 6 federations of recognized by IOC sports and some more federations have recognition of ROC which is expressed in cooperation. In total in structure of members of ROC there are 16 Non-Olympic federations, and it is caused, according to Aleshin, balance at voting that the majority at Olympic assembly remains at federations which represent summer and winter Olympic sports.

Jan Fransoo has expressed concern in the situation and has suggested considering an opportunity of accepting in members of OCR of collective body of recognized by IOC sports - Multisport Association of Russia. The offer of ARISF president has been supported by the OCR first vice-president Victor Khotochkin who has drawn an analogy with recognition of federations, and asked to direct in ROC the letter about MAR recognition from ARISF.

Jan Fransoo has thanked ROC for attention to the World Games and has expressed admiration of performances of Russia national team on two last games in Akito-2001 (Japan) and Duisburg-2005 (Germany) where the first places in informal command offset have been won. These victories have impressed Fransoo also with the fact that Russians both time competed only in half of sports of the program of the World Games - a launching pad of recognized by IOC sports which fill up the program of Olympic Games. Development of these sports promotes the future Olympic achievements.
Jan Fransoo has stated a wish, that Russian combined team on following World Games Kaoshiung-2009 (Taiwan) will be presented in all sports of competitions program. In the end of the meeting participants have exchanged memorable gifts.

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Multisport Association of Russia, 2006.

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