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Declaration: About Russian Organizing Commitee of the VIII World Games Kaohsiung-2009 (Taiwan)


President ARISF to Jan Fransoo has directed a greeting to organizers and participants Russian Games Open
President ARISF has sent Jan Fransoo the salutatory letter to address of Association of multisports of Russia on the occasion of the beginning of realization of project Russian Games Open:

The Multisport Association of Russia awarded film Able Man (Slovenia) a special prize
The Multisport Association of Russia awarded a special prize at the sport film festival Krasnogorsky to the film Able Man (Slovenia, the director - Tomaz Kovska, the producer Jaka Hemler). The film is a story about Jure Robic, one of the best cyclist in the world at Marathon distances, the winner of Race Across America 2004, 2005, and Le Tour Direct 2005.

The Multisport Association of Russia has supported the organizers of Sports Chanbara Festival Earth-Air
On May, 20-21 in Kolomenskoe (Moscow) at the festival Earth-Air a lot of people gathered to try themselves in open combats. This is the name of the competitions in Sports Chanbara. Everybody who wished to take part in the contest was given arms and means of self-defense. The event was organized with the support of the Multisport Association of Russia, was and its informational sponsor.

The Multisport Association of Russia took part in the organization of the tournament Wrestler Challenges
The Multisport Association of Russia (MAR) took part in the organization of the tournament Wrestler Challenges. Oh behalf of MAR name the winner was given a Cup. The special prized instituted by Sportcom went to the bronze medalist of the tournament Alan Bibilov who had amazed the audience by his masterly technique in the combat with the heaviest athlete (192 kilo) Vladimir Antonov. The initiator of the tournament was Honored Sports Master, three times Sambo World Champion and the best sumotori of Europe of 2002-2004 Igor Kurinnoy.

The Multisport Association will render assistance in establishing the Federation of Flying Disc (Frisbee)
On May, 9 at Yantar Stadium in Moscow the results of the third Moscow Festival of Flying Disc were summed up. The participants of the competition were awarded with the Cups and Medals of the organizers of the event: the Interregional Federation of Flying Disc (Frisbee) of Russia, the Multisport Association of Russia (MAR), Sport Russia and Sportcom Informational Agency. The awarding ceremony was held with the participation of the AMSR President, the State Duma deputy colonel-general Yuri Nikolaevich Rodionov, the first vice-president of the Association Alexander Kuznetsov, the secretary general Alexey Kylasov, and the president of Russian Imperial Society Valeri Dmitriev.

Sport Russia and the Multisport Association of Russia signed the agreement on cooperation
Today Russian public organization Sport Russia and Association of All-Russia Public Organizations of sports federations recognized IOC and other sports, not included in the Olympic Games program, Multisport Association of Russia, have signed the agreement on cooperation.

By the effort of the Multisport Association of Russia National Korfball Federation has been established
All the work concerning the establishing of Russian Korfball Federation was held by the Multisport Association of Russia (AMSR) (the Association of the sport federations recognized and seeking recognition of the IOC). The Association proved that it is entirely ready to fulfill the declared aims. Alexey Kylasov, secretary general of the AMSR has become the first vice-president of Russian Korfball Federation. The founders of the first korfball federation in Russia (Oryol Korball Federation), Mikhail Odereev and Nikolay Podrezov.

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